Wednesday, 22 September 2010

4th UUM Chinese Debate Competition

I went to watch the chinese debate competition last night.
2 matched was hold yesterday.
I took the chance to record the match.

The first match topic is regarding whether love is selfish.
(DPP Sime Darby versus DPP SME)
The topic is interesting,
I was attracted by its title.

At the end,
the team with the view of 'love is selfish' won.
Congratulation to the winner, DPP Sime Darby.

Second match is between DPP EON and DPP MISC.
The title is whether own ourselves or sharing with others is happier.



  1. Hi Mr/Miss LuPorTi , I am Edmund , an organiser for north Malaysia inter uni mandarin debate tournament . I would like to kindly ask you do you have UUM Chinese debate club contact number or email as we wish to invite UUM Chinese Debate Society to participate in the competition.
    Thank You

    1. Hi Edmund.

      The people I know in UUM Chinese Debate Society have mostly graduate. But I think there is no problem for me to ask for newer committee's contacts from my friend. Could you send me your email/contact to my email so that I could direct you to them, or direct them to you.

      Thank you.

    2. Hi,im wai kit,vice president of UUM Chinese Debate club;Any information and please kindly to visit our website ( or u can drop your message to our inbox too,thanks~ (waikit,014-9475459)

    3. Thank you very much for all your replies , I will further contact you all when the project director has confirmed my list of candidate .