Monday, 13 September 2010

KL Trip (10 September 2010)

I reached Duta at about 3 o'clock.

It's Duta!
The bus didn't go Bukit Jalil.
I had no idea where Duta locates!
I made some phone calls.

I decided to take taxi to KL Sentral.
My roommate was going to fetch me up from there.

The taxi fare is really expensive.

It costs me RM15 for a journey which is just around 15 minutes!

I reached KL Sentral!

I was walking around while waiting for my roommate to come.

After my roommate fetched me up,
he brought me to One Utama.

It looks huge from the outside.

It looks even larger inside, isn't it?

Some decoration regarding Moon Cake Festival.

Cool, I like this one too.

I bought an egg tart.
There were a lot of flavour.
I chose the durian flavour.

Another shop that caught my attention!

What so special?

Let's look at this.

Get what I mean?

After walking for few hours,
My roommate brought me for dinner.

We had our dinners at a restaurant.

I like the food there.
I will blog about it soon.

Stay tune.


  1. i wanna do some shopping too! haha. there's dis fcuk outlet at penang too btw. lol