Friday, 7 November 2008

The Great or The Last

I woke up at 8 o’clock today. For some people, it might be early, but for me, this is the latest that I woke up in this week. I don’t really feel like waking up. Why? I will be going back my university tomorrow. I want to online until I enough today.

I will be there for 17 days. 17 days is not much, but 17 days being there for me is a lot. It’s like 17 weeks. After that, I will be having 1 month holiday. Yeah! I am able to back to my life. I have a lot of things to do in this coming holiday. I wish I will able to complete it.

Do you have any friend whose examination is coming in 2 days but yet still never study it since months ago? Have you? Yes, I am the one. Examination is coming but I have forgotten when was my last time studied it. I don’t have any motivation to study. Whoever close with me will know that, nobody can force me to study, if I can’t find the motivation, I would just don’t study and enter the examination hall. I did it before, my friends know it.

I have given up this semester again. Yes, I have given up.

At the beginning of this semester, I have tried a lot of things to motivate me. I tried a lot of things, and actually it succeeded. I started study before the semester started. But, after few weeks, my motivation has gone, the environmental effect. I really don’t like the study environment.

Next semester, yes, next semester, I will try to shape my motivation again. In this coming holiday, or maybe starting from now, I will figure out the environmental effect and think of how not to let it to make my motivation to be lost again.

LuPorTi is back next semester!

If I fail to motivate myself in next semester, and I am feeling that I am wasting my time again, I will quit from the university. Yes, I mean, quit my study.


  1. are u sure or not? quit ur study?
    you noe how important study is rite?

  2. yes... i am sure.. i know what am i doing...