Thursday, 6 November 2008


Later, I am going to buy ticket for going back to my university. I really don’t like to back there. Although it’s not far from my hometown, I am really don’t like there At there, I don’t really have friend that I think is able to step in the same line with me. I really hope there is.

Don’t want to talk about going back there, it makes me moody.

I woke up early yesterday to witness the moment Barrack Obama to become the new president of United State of America. The moment he won, I feel quite happy. I think he is really a great man. I was talking about Obama a lot on internet yesterday. Well, it’s glad I was still in Penang, or else, I don’t think I am able to talk about Obama. My friends in university either not interested or they will be busy study for exam. EXAM… EXAM… EXAM….

Saying about examination, I haven’t start prepare ANY yet. Seriously, I haven’t start. I will be having Marketing paper as my first paper on this Sunday. Guess what, I never really study Marketing after my first mid-semester exam, it was, few months ago. Luckily, it is multiple choice questions.

During this week, I received a lot of tips about exam, and as usual, I delete all without seeing. Sometimes, when I surf in forum, as now the examination is coming, no matter is university’s, PMR, SPM, STPM or any school examination, people are talking about tips and spotted question. I sometimes feel really sad about it.

Why the world is like this? Why academic is so result-oriented? We suppose to be getting knowledge!

And one very funny thing, after the exam, a lot of the students will be throwing out all the things out of their brain. Knowledge should be learned, to be kept in brain and to be utilized in the future. But what I have seen now is such different, it is being taught, being known, being memorized and being forgotten.

Why is the world like this? WHY?

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  1. haha.. i can tell you why...
    because what they study is not what they are interested in..
    so they just study for the sake of exam..

    but u r different.. you are interested in accounting..

    haha.. so chill out.. dun care abt them..

    remember we are not abnormal for nothing..
    there is a reason we are abnormal..
    because we will success one day...

    dun ever forget that