Tuesday, 25 November 2008


My last paper of my exam was Applied Economy. I took English class. But, guess what happened in exam? It’s all in Malay. That’s unfair you know! Applied Economy was the paper I concerned the most. But, now, I can’t do well, because it’s in Malay. I felt a little bit disappointed. But, what to do, my battle goes on. I will work hard in next semester. As I said earlier, if I am still wasting my time, I would choose to quit from studies.

Well, I have back to Penang. I was known by my friend that the new Gurney Plaza, I am not sure what’s the name, has opened. I wish to go some days.

I told my friend that I won’t waste much time from now onwards.

Today, I waste some time, nevermind, it’s just the beginning, I will try to change even more.

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  1. 不管什么语言,我都很痛苦..