Sunday, 2 November 2008

Iceman's Birthday Party

Yesterday, my friend Kean Nam was celebrating his birthday at Little Cottage. Previously, he planned to celebrate it with Lih Chang together at Autocity. If it was at Autocity, I think maybe I wouldn’t able to go. Luckily, he changed to Little Cottage and separate with Lih Chang. Lih Chang will be holding his birthday party on 6th November 2008.

It’s good to see Kean Nam again. It was a long time I had never seen him. And, I meet few friends what I hadn’t seen for years too, especially my primary schoolmates. However, I didn’t talk with them much I think. I talked the most with Eng Jeng, haha, we talked about share. Investing is my life now. haha. Well, Eng Jeng impressed me in one thing. He actually came back one day before the party, and went back to KL the second day morning. This is called friend, he came purposely just for Kean Nam. Will I do so? Yes, but only for good friends I think.

Well, it was a nice party, I wish to have one. Will I have it? I don’t know.

Zi Hur was our cameraman yesterday. He helped us to take the photo. When he, Eng Jeng and I wanted to take photo together, Eng Jeng recalled that we were the F3 of AWS in the past.

Time went very fast, you know, time always in the high speed while we are enjoying something, we were 3 hours there but it seemed to be only half hour.

Well, the last, I would like to wish Kean Nam happy birthday again, wish your dream comes true!

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