Friday, 31 October 2008

My Promises

There are too many things happened around me in these years. I have been thinking for a long time. Today! Right now! Right here! I am going to make 10 promises to myself!

1. I have to appreciate every second I have, I have to utilize it wisely. I don’t want to waste any unnecessary time.
2. I am going to put effort to help my friends and family. If I am able to help, I won’t say ‘no’.
3. I have to concern about my health. I will put it in high place. I won’t choose the foods, I will let my health to choose.
4. I want to stay humble. No matter what happened, I must not be showing off.
5. I will try to be an eco-friendly person. I will try to save the environment, so that I can save the world.
6. When the environment changes or any environment doesn’t suitable to me, I won’t to blame the environment, I will try to adapt to it.
7. When anything goes incorrect, I will admit my mistake, and find the reasons and solutions. I must not seek for excuses.
8. Say ‘no’ to give up. I will stay strong and fight until the end.
9. I am going to be a positive thinker, whatever happened, it has happened, but life goes on.
10. I will always remember the 9 things above that I have promised to myself today..

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