Sunday, 19 October 2008


What’re the most expensive thing in the world?

Gold? Property?

Neither. The most expensive thing should be time.

Time burns money. After one minutes passed, it passes forever, it would never come back again, everything is going to be history.

Plenty of people are saying that the time isn’t enough, and I am one of them too. How great is it if there are 25 hours in a day, one hour more than now. Is it really great? It will solve the problem that we don’t have enough time?

I personally think, if I have 1 hour extra, it will make me waste one hour more.

Actually, 24 hours aren’t little. If we fail to finish the things we want, is it really because the time given isn’t enough? Or, we don’t use the time wisely? Or, we have the problem of efficiency?

Yesterday, I was thinking something. I was wasting too much time.

I planned to study my taxation yesterday, but ended up studying only few pages. I failed to motivate myself to study. I am not really sure why, maybe cause by both my internal factors and environment effect (honestly, I don’t like my study culture now). The question arose from my heart. How could I get as motivated as my form 6? I couldn’t stop to learn new thing and study? I have to find out the reasons and fix myself.


  1. 时间会冲冲流去,

  2. wow.. you give comment for my every post...

  3. 献上满满热腾腾的祝福,