Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Friends I never forget.....

I have been in UUM more than one and quarter year. The more I am staying here, the more I feel I hate here. I tried to like the life in UUM but I failed to. Now, I have realized one important reason, friendship.

I always feel that there are something missing and I didn’t really know, but I found it now. before I entered UUM, I had 2 groups of great friends. After I entered UUM, we are getting less contact and we rarely contact now.

Henry and Soony, they left me a great memory in my life. We three started by working together for AWS (Amateur Wireless Society) and ended up with great friends. I was studying form 6 in MBS. I didn’t attend any co-curriculum activities held in MBS on Saturday. Saturday was my day for AWS. I can’t forget my life in AWS when working together with Henry and Soony.

Beside doing AWS stud, we always had time together. We hang out together, playing futsal, playing Playstation 2 in Soony’s house and much more. We had ever gone to Malacca together. That is the trip that I enjoyed the most in my life although we didn’t play really very much because I fall sick.

Another group of friends are my god sister and her friends. They are 4 years younger than me. I went out with them some times. I felt quite shy to talk with them, therefore, I talked quite little. Sometimes, I was thinking, ‘am I a burden of their hand out?’ anyway, I felt happy hanging out with them, it’s full of laugh.

One thing I will never ever forget about them is the day that they had a farewell for me. My tear is almost dropping our. I felt really touched. I really don’t know how to thank them. I was late to there actually on that day, I felt really sorry to them.

I really have a great time with that two groups of friends. I wish to say to them,