Saturday, 18 October 2008

Back To Penang

I have come back to Penang 3 days ago. Guess what have happened after I came back? I fall sick again. I went back Penang in last month and I fall sick, now, it happened again. Well, nothing to blame, whatever happens happened, and life goes on. I have known gotten better, I wish to recover by next week.

One of my cactuses seemed to be going to die, but I will never let it happens, I will take more care of it.

Remember in the past post that I mentioned the tortoise? It fall down to lower floor 2 days ago. It seemed to be pity. My grandma brought it up, and we gave it things to eat. It seemed to be very hungry. My grandmother told me that someone is going to set it free. Why should them? Why don’t let it be here? I will miss the tortoise, although I have seen it for few times only.


  1. see..didnt know take care yourself...drink more more water
    rest more more and miss me more joking

  2. 你要好好照顾身体哦!