Tuesday, 21 October 2008

My friends in UUM

Who are they?

They are my gang in UUM. Let me describe what I think about them.

First of all, let me list out their names.

Back row (from left): Lai Mei, Wei Sein, Chin Wei, Chen Lin
Front row (from left): Me, Soon Guei, Wei Luen

Lai Mei:
I knew her last year. Am I right? Yes, I am. She was my first Sarawak friend in UUM. Well, I knew her last year but I didn’t know her that time. Knew her but didn’t know her? What’s the stupid thing I am saying! What I mean is, Chin Wei had introduced her when I was in semester 1, but, just knew who she was, that’s all. Honestly, I didn’t remember her name that time. I wasn’t planned to remember either. You know, when I entered UUM, I actually quite work hard. I tried to have something from UUM. After my orientation was finished, I went to shake hand and know plenty of people. Therefore, it’s too much name, I couldn’t remember. I could only remember when I officially knew her in last semester.
What can I say about her? She is quite humourous sometimes. Sometimes, her act is quite cute and it’s sense of humour. She seemed to be taking her academic seriously. As I know, she is rich. But, I don’t how rich is her, just knowing that she is richer than me.
She can play piano. She praised my long finger. Haha, I wish to learn piano actually, but, I have no piano, how could I learn, right?
She always asks me about English for her English class. You know what, I actually think that my English isn’t good.

Wei Sein:
A person who defeated me. In what she has defeated me? Going back Penang. She goes back Penang quite often. I went back Penang quite often last semester, but there is no competition this semester, she won me a lot. ‘Wei Sein, may I ask you? Is Penang nice?’
Sometimes, this girl is quite blurring. ‘Wei Sein, have you got the answer of whether Chin Wei and I were studying in same school?” Sometimes, this brings her to be quite humourous.
She keeps saying about fruit plantation, keep saying she is planting fruit in her house. You know what, she has been saying for months, and I am not sure that’s truth or she is just joking. Sometimes, she seems to be joking, but sometimes, it seems like that’s truth. What can I say for this? A blur person is a person who is good in making others to get blur.

Chin Wei:
Among this these people, she is the closest person to me. It maybe because she is the person I know for the longest time among the 6 people. I knew the existence of Chin Wei in my account class during Lower 6. But, it seemed like she know my existence only in Upper 6. I think, if I am weak in account, maybe we aren’t friend. Haha
Well, she is good in academic, first class student.
She is helpful, she helped me a lot. I have no laptop and thumb drive in UUM. So, I need to have someone to help me print things, and she helped me.
She is one of the people who is eco-friendly. She has her own dinning tools, and she is willing to help the environment. This is what I feel happy, someone is one the same path with me. Again, I would like to promote my slogan, ‘if you save the environment, you can save the world.’
She is on the same path with me in environment stuff, but she is in inverse direction in academic, the way I am studying is very differ with hers.
Maybe she is the closest friend within the gang, she was always got the ‘cold arrow’ from me. I am not sure whether I am using the right word, ‘cold arrow’? But I think butterflies will know.

Chen Lin:
She is the person who asks me questions the most in academic. And, sometimes, she really asked the great questions. I think people around me might know that my studying method is quite a big difference from a lot of people. Among 6 of them, I think her way is the most similar with mine (but it’s still big different).
However, she has a completely difference thinking with me. I would like to emphasize the word completely. Completely means totally. What thing has such big difference? It’s ‘at home theory’. She says that it’s hard to study at home. I am going to object this! There is no where better than studying in home! Haha.

Soon Guei:
He is another people from Sarawak. Others always say him about his skin colour. I think he is the most pity people among us, he always got bullied. He is quite a kind guy, that’s the reason he always got bullied. Well, he is the most un-eco-friendly person among us. He says, ‘person who buys tissue is considered as un-eco-friendly, but not the person who uses.’ I strongly disagree with that.
He represented his school in debate competition. Is he good in that? I am not sure, wish to have a chance to debate with him.
I always asked him to help me to take attendance and take exam slip or anything. Thanks to him.
Unfortunately, next semester, I will have only three classes same with him. And I think that there will be more and more classes that I will be different from him thereafter.

To be continue….


  1. Wow...
    i thought you sure will shoot us de.But not at all de.
    First of all, you wrote wrong one of our member'name.Do you know which one ? or you also "hou zhi hou jue"? So,I think you know I mention which member.
    Erm.I failed to find the answer paper that you said I get 70marks.
    But i think you are correct, because i remember that i get 70marks.
    I didn't help you anything but I always "bully" you.Sorry !
    Kean Hooi! you really a good guy !
    thanks for everything!
    Ohya..i brought the latest skin protector..So i wont afraid your "cold arrow".just come..haha..

  2. LOL.. dun you think that fingers are long made us look like ET? haha...

    well.. cold arrows are cold and cruel.. better watch out with your arrows.. make sure they are not too sharp.. you know you might hurt some one's soft heart.. =p

    haha.. porti! i cant study at home too!!
    well.. i mean my home here...
    during the final exam.. there were some shit heads came my house everyday... they were here to play games and making noises...

    So i gotta go campus.. haha...