Wednesday, 1 October 2008

My anger

I don’t know why, after I woke up today, I am feeling very down and angry. I am here to say sorry first if this blog make any of you feel angry of what am I saying.

I am trying to be different. I don’t want just be an ordinary student. I would say I am now different in two ways. Nowadays, most students in university is concern about the result or the certificate (I said most, isn’t all), agree? You have to agree.

In my university, there are a lot of accounting students, and yet, most of them don’t know why they choose to study accounting. They study accounting, because people told them that study accounting has a bright future.

Economy student, let me ask you, when is the world worst economy crisis? How long it last for? Do you know what crisis the world facing now? Do you know which country has the highest and lowest inflation rate? Do you know a single flower, Tulips, ever cause a big crisis? Do you know? I guess most don’t know, so, you are a Economy student who is study for the economy knowledge or the certificate?

I am different in this, I am studying for knowledge. My friends who close to me will know this. I don’t concern about result, I am concerning about the knowledge. Even, sometime, when I don’t agree with what the book says, and the question is appear in the examination, I will rather choose to leave it blank, or placing the answer that I think is correct.
Secondly, I started my investment in March last year. I don’t want continue my life in just studying. I want to involve in the real world. I want the real experience. And, my closed friends know that the percentage of getting a job is not very high. Compare a hawker which earn RM1,000 a month with a manager which earn RM5,000 a month, I would choose to be the hawker, seriously.

Here, what make me feeling down is, why could some people look think they are the only different ones and see anybody else are the same. I dislike people seeing me as a person that studies in university and going to get certificate to get a high salary job.

I recalled of a thing happened in 2 months ago.

My roommate joined a club last semester. It’s a club of entrepreneur. The club is having recruitment 2 months ago. My roommate did share with me the reasons why he joined. He didn’t aggressively asking me to join, because I think he knows that I have my own thinking and leave up the space for me to making decision.

However, here comes one person I hate. I wrote ‘hate’. When I write dislike, means I don’t really like it. But when I wrote hate, mean I really hate it. Due to the recruitment, my roommate’s friends had to come our room to stay for some times. That person, was trying to recruit me. And he saw me as an ordinary student, and saying that I had to understand the world now. ‘All’ the students are just study for the certificate. And, there is so much unemployment. If I join the club, I will learn a lot of things, which help my future. Up till here, it’s still fine. He was right that I would learn plenty of things in the club.

Followed by that, he talked about the world economic. He told me that he and his friends have making research on it and said that unemployment is going to be more and more. I said I know, but he said ‘you just knew a bit, there are much worse things that you won’t feel as your life in university.’

He acted like a economy expert and kept talking to me for more than 10 minutes about real world economic.

I really angry that moment and want to tell him,

‘Hey, stupid. Do you know who are you talking to? I am involving in real world investment. I can identify who understand the real world economy with those who don’t, okay? Don’t try to act as an economic expert in front of me! You said the world is facing a financial crisis due to the petrol price. Even you don’t know what’s happening, don’t need to show to me so obviously that you don’t know! The crisis now is Sub-prime crisis, caused by Sub-prime loan. You know what is that? Please, what you are saying are insulting me, you are insulting all the economists! You know nothing bout real world economy, it’s fine, nobody can know everything. But, don’t trying to teach a person who knows about real world economy! I strongly believe my real world economic knowledge is at least 100 times higher than you! And, I am still considered myself as a stupid person in real world economy, but you can say that you understand very well what is happening now?’

If isn’t because he was my roommate friend, and my roommate brought him to stay, I would definitely scold him and argue with him!


  1. hey.. haha.. cool down man..

    there are plenty of ppl that behaving like that...

    so you don't have to make your life difficult just because of them or specifically him..

    forgive and forget...

    remember that..
    if there's no such ppl living on earth..
    then how would you determine a good economist and a bad one?
    remember that...
    those people are there to differentiate between good and bad...
    without them we wont noe how to define the good or bad...

    hahaha.. so who cares what they wanna talk about..

    forgive and forget.. =)
    cheer up..

  2. i don wan say anything...
    first time heard u angry
    erm..lucky cant see your black face now lo
    hee...i scare............u