Friday, 3 October 2008

The holiday is going to ends.....

Tomorrow I am going back to UUM again. This might be my last one I am able to write or maybe the second last. I sill continue update my blog again after I come back to Penang again.

Time goes really fast. I couldn’t finish my things that I planned to do here in this holiday. It became my obstacle for me when I fall sick last week.

2 days ago, I went out to meet my friend Zi Hur. He came back from UK. It has been 2 or 3 years since our last meet. It’s glad to see him again. He has no much change in physically. At the beginning of our meeting, I felt quite funny. I didn’t know what to talk to him. The conversation isn’t really natural, kind of weird. We went to Queensbay Mall and having dinner together at the stall opposite Penang Chinese Girl High school. It’s a nice day.

At that night, my cup fall down and it was broken a little bit. I planned to capture the photo, but it was thrown by my grandmother before I was able to do so.

Well, although I fall sick and I failed to finish the thing I want, it’s still a nice holiday for me.

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