Monday, 3 November 2008

3rd Novermber 2008

First of all of today, I would like to wish our Iceman, Kean Nam, a happy birthday. I truthfully wish you dream may come true.

Time is really fast. There are 3 months and 3 days more to reach my 21st birthday. I wish to have something special for my 21st birthday. Well, actually I hope the market will recover by that time, so that I have money to at least do something for my birthday, but it seemed hardly to be happened.

Yes, time goes really fast, after 5 days more, I have to go back to UUM again, and probably won’t be back until 24th of November. I might miss my laptop and my internet very much. I stated thinking, what will be my next semester plan? Will I bring my laptop there? I am not sure yet, everything is still in consideration.

At the beginning of the semester, I planned to study hard and strike for a good result, but I fail to do it I think. 6 more days to reach my date of my first paper, Marketing. But I haven’t study any, seriously. I don’t have the motivation to study, maybe because I don’t have a people who I feel is able to fighting with me in the same path in academic. I am able to stay in investment till now, and I am interested in it maybe is because there are people fighting with me. Fighting without partner is very lonely. Nevermind, I will keep trying to find my teammate in academic.

Here is a quote to end this post:

Life is like a river. You will never touch the same water twice. Once it passed, it passed forever.

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