Monday, 14 March 2011

Practicum Day 54

It's Monday again, the day to back to work.
After having 2 days break, it makes me feel even more sad to back to my work.
But, I have no choice, I have to go.

I had a great weekend, especially Saturday.
I met with 2 wonderful friends, one during lunch and another one after my dinner.
We talked a lot. We talked a lot on investment.
Great time always goes very fast.
After fast moment, I feel so sad to go back to work.

I really feel that my efficiency in my work is dropping day after day.
I don't have motivation to work. I am just waiting the time to pass.
I am waiting my practicum life to be over.
Before I started working today, I talked with colleague.
I checked on the calender today.
Then, I found that there is a holiday on May, Wesak Day.
So, instead of having total working days of 125 for my practicum,
it should be only 124.
Actually, there is another holiday, Labor Day.
But, it falls on Sunday. I am not sure whether will it be replaced on Monday for my firm.
I hope it does.

So, by calculation of 124 days, I have 70 days more to go.

Today in work, 2 colleagues couldn't found their files.
More interestingly, both files are red color.
They are in trouble now.
A colleague is going to phone some people to ask about it tomorrow.
Hope both of them could find the files soon.

Tomorrow, there is one new colleague joining.
I guess there will be lecture tomorrow. I hope we won't be scolded terribly tomorrow.
All the best to everyone!

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