Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My First External Hard Disk

My laptop was almost full. It left few GBs only.
So, I decided to buy an external hard disk.
I had actually been thinking to buy it for a long time.
Now I finally had it.

I ordered it few weeks ago. It delivered to me on Sunday.
I looked at it, and I like it very much! It look so nice!

How is it?

Do you think it's nice too?

It costs me RM190. By the way, it's 640 GBs.

It came with a cover. Let's see how it looks with the cover and cable.

It looks nicer without the cover, isn't it?

Well, I really like this external hard disk so much! I really like it very much!


  1. haha i am too busy nowadays

    your external hard disk's color is nice :)

  2. very beatiful your extenal hard disk... like this colour...

  3. You both love the colour too ya? Me too ask well. It's so nice! I really happy to have it! It's worth!

  4. yeah..i like colour ..
    but hor..i dislike samsung brand...
    no kuality..cheap haha

  5. Huu very the nice and cheap..
    Before this i wanna buy this brand EHD..
    but then i choose Hitachi cOz that time Hitachi more cheap the samsung..
    RM190 oso but 500GB only.. Huu..
    But if i not mistaken now you can get 1 Tera for only rm200.. Damn...

  6. Now the external hard disk is really getting cheaper and cheaper.

  7. samsung kuality no good...