Sunday, 20 March 2011

How To Create A Page In Facebook

I believed that many bloggers have created a page for their blogs in Facebook. It's a good tool to have a closer interaction with the followers and visitors.

How about you?
Have you created a page for your blog? Want to try it out? Let's follow the steps.

1. Go to any page in Facebook. (You may go my blog's page as well, click HERE.)

2. You will see 'Create a Facebook Page' at the right hand side. Click 'Create a Page'.

3. Then it will ask you for the category. For bloggers, perhaps you may choose 'Artist, Band or Public Figure'.

3. Then, it will ask you for a future detail.

5. After you enter the category and name, click 'Get Started', and it will lead you to the 'Get Started'.

6. So, your page is officially established. You can now invite your friends, followers and visitors to click 'like' on your page.

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