Monday, 7 March 2011

Practicum Day 49

I had a bad sleep. I woke up for more than 5 times I guess. It seems like I woke up every hour.
Perhaps, my worries of my job made me failed to get into a proper sleep.
I continued my bad mood today, waiting the moment that I finish my practicum.

How's work today?

As usual, problematic.
I faced a problem that I really no idea how to deal it.
Every moment, I am worrying it.
Unless it was solved, I will not have a peaceful moment.

I feel so worry.
I was chatting with god-sister this morning when I was on my way to office.
She supports me all the time.
She told me that perhaps I am responsible guy and that adds me a lot of burden.

Am I?

I am not sure.
What I know is I am surrounded by problems.

LuPorTi is still waiting the moment to complete the practicum.

76 working days to go.....

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