Tuesday, 22 March 2011

500th Post

Let's celebrate!
My blog has finally reached 500 posts.

It has been 3 years and 9 months since my first post of my blog, which entitled 'Life'.
Reading back my past posts, I could see that my blogging style is changing from time to time.
I am trying to be a good blogger, but I know that I am still extremely far from there.

Some weaknesses I encounter in my blog:
1. Boring
2. Lack of pictures/photo
3. Not interested by a lot of people
4. Common

I was trying hard to make my blog a nice ones last year.
I even bought a new handphone to capture photos for posting in my blog.
Unfortunately, I lost my handphone few months after that.
So, my blog is lack of photos again.

And also, these few months, I was just posting about my practicum life the most.
I didn't post much of the interesting posts, sorry about it.

Let's wait for 3 more months.
After these 3 months, I will be trying to make my blog to be interesting again.
After I finished my practicum, I will put some effort on my blog.
Stay tune.

~Happy 500 Posts to my blog~