Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Practicum Day 46

I dreamed about my working life again, if I am not mistaken.
I am used to making dream about my working life.

As usual, not a good day today.
I still no idea how to continue two of my tasks.

I am getting more negative minded.
What I can do, is just waiting my practicum to be over.
I hope I can be a positive guy again after my practicum.
What I am worrying now is that,
my practicum will push myself to become a total negative minded person and fail to become positive again.

Due to my work, I missed half hour of the TV drama that I want to watch.
Yesterday, I didn't really watch it too.
I love that drama! And sometimes, that drama make my mood better.
It becomes one of my greatest entertainment during my practicum life.
But now, these two days, I missed it.

Practicum, practicum, practicum,
why must you take so much things away from me?


  1. nope haha, cuz tomorrow's my b'day :D

  2. Be strong.... fight till the last day~

  3. Thanks, Liling. I will try.