Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Practicum Day 50

Finally it reaches 40% of my practicum journey.
I also didn't know what to write about practicum. It's like almost the same everyday.
I solved one troublesome problem today.
Finally I solved.
However, there are still a lot of problems surrounding me.
Furthermore, I discovered some new troubles.
Troubles will never stop approaching us.
That's the things that made me headache.

During lunch today, I ate with 4 colleagues.
It's the first time I ate with so many colleagues.
I normally eat with my friend, or I eat alone.
Or sometimes, I eat with two colleagues.
But today, another two colleagues ate there,
so we all had our lunch today.
I am getting closer with my colleagues I think.
Not bad ya.

I am now waiting for Friday.
In a week, Friday is the day that I am waiting for and like the most.
But of course, I like only Friday after 5.30 p.m., which is after office hour.