Sunday, 27 March 2011

Popular Book Sales (25 - 27 March 2011)

(Date of the sales stated was a mistake. It supposes to be 24 March 2011 to 3 April 2011. Popular Midlands Park Centre Sales)

I went to Popular, 1 Stop yesterday. There is 3 days sales from Friday until today.
If you are Popular member, you could enjoy up to 90% discount.
I was there for few hours.

Finally, I chose to buy these book.

7 books! Yeah!

I wish to buy more actually, but I don't have much money left at this moment.
So, I bought only 7 books.

Guess how much it cost me?

The total is only RM54.61. Is it cheap enough? Yes, it is!

Today is the final day, go grab some if you haven't do so.

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