Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Practicum Day 65

It's another day.

Now, I am feeling my life is a little bit meaningless.
I am like just waiting the time to pass day by day.
What I am waiting for, is just the day I finish my practicum.
Then, my real life starts.

Today wasn't a good day.
I found out something, I might fall in some troubles again.
I hope the time passed faster, I want everything to be over faster.
I was almost couldn't stand this.

I continue to make dream about my practicum every night.
I don't have nice sleep.

When I find out the trouble today, suddenly my mood was gone.
My mind keeps thinking about it. Even now, I am still worrying it.

Sometimes, I really wish to have someone that I can tell all my problems in my work.
But always, I couldn't find a suitable person.
What I can do now, just keeping all these things in my heart.

June 21, I am waiting for you. I couldn't wait to leave my practicum.

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