Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Practicum Day 56

Today is 56th day of my practicum.

Finally, there was lecture today.
Today's lecture was better. At least I didn't feel too scared as previous.
As always, I sat at a first place. My colleagues always made me to sit there.
That's the most stressful seat during lecture.
Fortunately, my boss didn't ask me any question.
And even more luckily, another colleague and I were allowed to leave first while other continue the lecture.
Haha! It's first time that I could leave earlier.

Draft of one company report was completed today.
I sent it to my boss for review and approve.
As usual, I felt so nervous when he wanted to start seeing my job.
So unlucky this time, I was called to answer his question for several times.
It's about 5 times I guess, quite a lot.
Every time he called my name, my mind will suddenly blank.
Luckily, I still managed to answer him.

He sent the report for final edit.
I am not sure whether will there be anymore problem on that company report tomorrow.
I hope every thing is fine.
I also hope that the client will approve the account quickly.

Two more days, then it's going to be weekend again.
I couldn't wait for it to come!

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