Sunday, 6 March 2011

Practicum Day 48

As always, I didn't update my Friday's practicum on Friday night.
I am used to delaying it. Now, here is it.

First, let's make counting again. It's 48th day of my working. It means, I have 77 days to go.
77 days, sounds a lot to go. It's really long to go. 77 days means, 61.6% to go.
61.6%?! Means I have just finished 38.4% only? It hasn't reach even 40%!
That's suffer! It's still so long to go!

What to do? I can just suffer in it.

Finally, one of my colleague officially left our firm.
Should I congratulate her? If I am the one leaving, I would wish my friends to congratulate me.
Although she has officially left, she went office too today.
In the morning, she got to office to settle some stuffs before passing the job to me.
I am going to take up her job.

Before she left during the morning, we took photos.

After the lunch break, she came again.
She brought chocolate to boss, and gave us some chocolate and candies too.
Thanks to her.

I was working in quite a relaxing mood after the lunch break.
But after 4 o'clock, everything changed.
A phone call from a client to ask me to do something for him. I started rushing it.
Suddenly, another call from the client of that colleague who have left.
I asked my colleague to handle for me yet, but there were something my colleague didn't know, so at the end, I need to take the call.
After the call, I rushed back to my table to continue my job, but my colleague told me there was another call for me.
How come everything came at the same moment?
At the end, I failed to finish the thing for my client.
I phone them and told them I would send them on Monday.
Well, the staffs of that company is really nice, they are friendly.
If all my clients are like that, I won't hate my practicum so much.

Tomorrow is Monday again, the day to get back to my work again, a moment that a hate.


  1. Yeah my work always came at the same moment too, mostly at around almost lunch time and work end time. ={

    So fast tmr is another Monday... =(