Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Practicum Day 61

After having 2 days audit at outside, I back to work in office.
I tried to solve one problem on the company I audited during my outside audit.
After some data gathering, I made a phone call to client.
I asked for the additional information I need, and answer some questions that she asked me yesterday.

Other than that, I was finalizing another company's account.
That company account was having quite a number of problems.
I completed most of it. I guess I could finished it completely tomorrow.
I hope I would.

Something shameful happened during the journey back to my home.
I sat beside of a person, and that person is actually my senior in my former club during my secondary school.
When he greeted me, then only I realised that's him.
Then we were having some chats.

By the way, he was just back from hospital.
He had some medical check up in hospital, and didn't know the result yet.
I wish he will be all right.