Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Practicum Day 51

Finally, my problem was solved a little bit. But still a lot problems to be solved.
And I believe, new problems are coming to me soon.

Today, my boss reject all our log book.
We need to correct it again, another stupid thing to be done.
Now onwards, I guess I have to spend more time to write my log book,
or it's better to say, I have to WASTE more time to write it.

I had my lunch with two colleagues today.
We were complaining our internship again, as usual.
Both of them have just less than two months to go.
I feel so envy on them. They can finally leave internship life after 2 months.

How about me?

About 3 and half months to go.
It's still so long! I feel that time moves so slow!

I couldn't wait these 3 and half months time to pass!

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