Thursday, 17 March 2011

Practicum Day 57

Yeah! Finally, my work has approved by boss and client today.
I can put another burden down.

Well, our boss is going to Australia tonight.
He won't be in office starts from tomorrow until next week.
I think my colleagues are feeling happy.
What I am sure is, I feel happy of it. At least, I would feel such stressful in office.

Afternoon today, suddenly I heard my boss mentioned my name to a colleague in his room.
After a while, I was called by my boss into his room.
I was assigned with a new task. It was an outside audit.
Great! I like to have outside audit.
I feel less stressful with outside audit.
Moreover, I could expose to more things if I go for outside audit.
Even more interesting, I will be receiving allowance.

So, outside audit is great, isn't it?

That outside audit will be on Monday.
I have phoned the client to make appointment today.
I hope everything will be going well during my outside audit next Monday.

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