Thursday, 24 March 2011

Practicum Day 62

Finally, I finished finalizing the troublesome company's account.
I finished it early this morning, but suddenly, I found a mistake, and I needed to adjust a lot of thing again.
However, I still managed to finish it this morning.

I continue the other company.
As usual, problems raised.
I am really tired dealing with all these problems.
So I always tell my friends, I will not continue my journey in audit firm.
After I finish my practicum, I will be saying good bye to audit field.

Then, what will I do?

I have thought of what I am going to do after my practicum.
Just, I am not sure will it be going to work.
After my practicum, I will back to be focus on my investment.
As a lot of my friends know, I enjoy to be in investment field.
At the same time, I will be running a project with some people.
I am not sure whether will we be still collaborating that time.
Everything now seems to be uncertain. I am not motivated affected by my practicum, and perhaps I will be kicked out by the group.

To earn some pocket money, I perhaps will choose to be a tuition teacher.
Tuition teacher should be the best choice for me.
What I need is freedom and time to continue my stuffs.
So far, I couldn't find any better job.

Anyway, wish me good luck!

Tomorrow is going to be Friday again, the day that I am waiting in every week!


  1. 2 months passed. how many more months to go?

  2. An an, thanks!
    Valerie, should be 3 months passed, because my day of calculation is based on working day. I have 61 days to go now. (after Day 63)