Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Practicum Day 55

I was late to office today. My dad used another way to go.
Unfortunately, we learned a lesson. The traffic jam of that way is even heavier.
I reached office at about 8.55a.m., 10 minutes late.

Yesterday, my colleague thought he had lost a file of the client.
He went office earlier today to find it. Luckily, he found it!
Luckily he did, or else, I think he would be in a deep trouble.

His trouble was gone. How about mine?
Another problem solved today. I brought the task for typing.
After approval from boss and client, then only it can be considered as closed file.
My boss is going to Australia on Thursday.
I hope he could approve and sign before he left.
Then I can feel better. Or else, I will continue to worry about it.

One new colleague joined today.
We thought there would be lecture today.
Out of our expectation, there was no lecture today!
Woohoo! That's so great!

Anyway, I hope tomorrow and the day after tomorrow have no lecture too.

55 days passed, 70 days more to go.

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