Sunday, 20 March 2011

Practicum Day 58

Haha. I update my Friday's practicum on today, Sunday, again.

My boss has finally gone to Australia.
I could see that the office looked to be more relax without boss.
Although it was more relax, but the tension still remained in my mind.
I was still having some unsolved problems.
Actually, there were some problems that I could solve,
but I didn't feel motivated to solve it.

I looked at the calendar again.
About one and half month to go, 2 of my colleagues are leaving our firm.
Their internship training ends on first week of May. It's so great!

How about me?

After this coming week, my practicum passes 50%.

What? 50% only?

It's so long already but only 50%?
I couldn't imagine what's going to happen to me in following months.

After work on Friday, I asked my colleague to Greenlane's McDonald.
I met up a friend for discussing on something.

Friday's night is always the best moment for me, a moment where I feel most motivated.
That's why I like to put important thing on Friday night.

My friend and I are working out something.
But today, I think about it again. I afraid I would be a burden to him.
I have something that can be contributed to this team.
Just, I always in a low motivation level.
So, I worry that I would make the whole thing slowing down, or even worse, fails.
If I am working out this plan with him after my practicum, I could promise him I will try my best to perform my best.
But at this moment, I really dare not promise anything.

May we make our plan works.