Saturday, 19 March 2011

Property And PC Fair In PISA

I went to property fair in PISA just now with my friend.
At the same time, there was a PC fair over there.

As always, the car park was full. We took a long time to get a place for parking.

We went to the property fair first as our main purpose to go there is to know more about properties.
I didn't count how many property companies was there.
There were several famous companies such as Mah Sing and Sunway.
What attracted me the most is the Mah Sing's project, the Southbay.
There are two houses attracted me very much, one is 3-storey while another is 4-storey.
Of course the prices are "ATTRACTIVE" as well.
The 3-storey ones costs about RM 3.6 millions while the 4-storey costs abour RM 4.6 millions.
That's a lot, isn't it? Will I have the chance to buy such houses?
I spent most of the time in seeing the Southbay project. It's really nice! I like it so much!

After being in the property fair, I went to have a walk in PC fair.
Something attracted me! The pricing of pen drive.

Here is the pricing of one stall.

1 Gb: RM 1X
2 Gb: RM 21
4 Gb: RM 20
8 Gb: RM 3X
16 Gb: RM XX

The ones with X means I am not really sure what's the exact amount.
Never mind, that's not the main thing I want to say.
The main thing, look at the 2 Gb and the 4 Gb.

4 Gb pen drive is cheaper than 2 Gb pen drive?

What's happening?

Somethings go wrong or that's the strategy?
I don't know.


  1. haha. let me answer that question.
    perhaps you are comparing 2 different pendrive from different companies.
    different company of pendrive have different performance and so do the price. =)

  2. My friend also said this when I told him. But, the problem is, that's pendrive from the same company, if I wasn't mistaken.

  3. erm. company as in company that manufactured the pendrive. not the company that sell the pendrive. =)

    or even if is same company that produce the pendrive den it could be the problem of performance. if u see carefully, some pendrive have higher speed.

    for example, if use a USB3.0 and compare with USB2.0 den ofcoz USB3.0 faster and hence more expensive. =)

  4. Oh I see. Haha. I learned new thing.