Sunday, 13 March 2011

Practicum Day 53

I never changed my style. I am used to posting my Friday's practicum post on Saturday or Sunday.
Now, I am almost getting to sleep, then only I post about it.

I almost settled another task, but there was something that was facing obstacle.
I received call from the client and been told about the problem.
I tried to contact another person, but she wasn't in office.
Tomorrow, I need to continue facing this problem.
I really hope it would be over soon. I feel so tired on handling problems.

After I back to my home on Friday, I got to know that there was a earthquake in Japan.
It was really a terrible earthquake. A lot of victims involved. I felt sad to see it.

Today, I read something related to the end of the world.
It isn't saying about 2012, but 521.

521? Yea, 521, May 21.

Which year?


May 21, 2011? It's so near! It's 2 months remaining!
I didn't even finish my practicum.

I am waiting for June 21, 2011!
If 512 is really the day of the world ends, then it means the day I am waiting for will never come.

If the world is going to end soon, what for I am suffering in my practicum life?

Correction: I previously stated May 12, it should be May 21.

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