Monday, 28 March 2011

Practicum Day 64

My boss has finally backed to office, our stressful moment started.
Whether we like it or not, we have to face it.

Today, while finalizing an account, I found some problem on hire purchase creditors.
It then took me almost the whole afternoon to sort the problems out.
I kept asking my colleagues who were in charging on the hire purchase's working papers.
At the end of day, I still couldn't solve the problem yet.
I need to continue it tomorrow.

I didn't like to do on hire purchase. If everything is okay, then it's fine.
But it is used to having some problems.
In these two weeks, I have been dealing with 3 hire purchase problems.
One is the company that I was doing field work with my colleague and finalizing myself.
The second ones is helping my colleague to sort out the problem.
The last one is the one I am doing now, which I in charge for finalization.

Ohya! Our boss's wife bought something for us.
My friend asked me whether will my boss brought souvenior to us from Australia.
I told my friend that my boss probably won't.
But today, his wife brought us some candy.

Okay, before I end for today's practicum life post, let's counting down again.

60 days to go, 48.4% remaining.