Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Practicum Day 60

Yeah! Finally it entered the number of 6 for the practicum day passed. 60 days are over.

I went for outside audit again today. Finally, we were working with an efficient mood.
We kept rushing. We worried that we couldn't finish it.
Even for lunch, we had our break for about 15 minutes only.
The client also asked us on why did we get back so quickly.
At 4.30 p.m., we completed all the tasks. Luckily we able to made it on time.

The client gave us our allowance.
That's so great! I have more money for my investment now!
Although it's just not much, at least it's also some money.

This client is quite good. So far, I guess that's the best client I ever met during my practicum.
If every clients are like her, I believe my job will be done in a very smooth way.

Beside this company, I did phoned another client.
That ones, a troublesome one.
Although one problem had been solved through that phone call, another trouble arose.
I feel so tired on dealing with that client.

I have finished my outside audit. I will be working in office again tomorrow.
I hope tomorrow's stuff will be smooth.

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