Sunday, 27 March 2011

Practicum Day 63

Again and again, this style doesn't change, my Friday's practicum posts are updated on Sunday.

My practicum journey has finally exceeded half way. It's 50.8% now, there are 49.2% to go.
After this coming Friday, it's going to be 45.2% remaining.
Some may say that time's fast, my practicum is ending soon.
For sure, I am not one of the people who are saying that.
For me, the journey is still so long.
Although it has been half way, my thought of quitting practicum and give up my degree is still in my mind.

Friday was the final day that my boss wasn't in office.
He is coming back to office tomorrow, and our office will be full with tension again.

Something was proven in last week.
Before we left office on Friday, I could see that boss's table is full with the files.
We had completed a lot of tasks. I never saw our boss's table is so full.
All the staffs in our office worked more efficiently without having boss in office.
I guess it's because we had less tension without him, and that made us concentrate more in our works.

Putting stress on workers isn't a good way anymore,
it's the era of motivating employees!

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