Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Practicum Day 45

I was so down today.
Problems, problems and problems.
I no longer have the courage to face the problems anymore.
I am totally tired with this.

Thinking back, I am really regretting on doesn't staying on my plan of quitting my practicum.
Perhaps, I may get through all the obstacle, but will my spirit stay after everything?

I have about 4 months to go. It may be said as a short period.
But I feel that it's so long to go, very long.

Many friends around me are encouraging me.
But actually, sometimes, that encourage makes me feel even more bad.
I am really feeling so sick to live in such a society,
a society that putting certificate and work at the top position.

Is that the world the suppose to be?

Are we born to study?

Are we born to work?

Is so, life leaves no meaning.

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