Monday, 28 February 2011

Practicum Day 44

Every Monday will be a very bad day, a day with a bad mood.

Although I slept early yesterday, I woke up late today.
I really don't have any motivation to go work.
Look at how many days to go, it's still 81 days after finished today.
81 days, sounds like a long journey to go.

Today is the final day of February, we are stepping into March 2011.
Look at the calendar, there is no public holiday in March.
Look at April, there is none too.
These two months are going to be a long moment to go through.

Today, I phoned the client.
I don't really like the client I am dealing with now.
They are unfriendly, and they are hard to be dealing with.
I hope I could finish this task faster, then I don't need to deal with them anymore.

To rate on today, out of 10, I will give only 2.5 I guess.


  1. My situation also same as yours, no holiday start from now. But the different is mine still left 60+ days. =}

    Let's jia you together !! =D