Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Practicum Day 31 (2)

I have posted 'Practicum Day 31' before Chinese New Year,
how come it's Day 31 again today?

I have actually made a mistake.
If you looked back the previous post,
you won't able to find 'Practicum Day 29'.
I mistakenly wrote 29th day as 30th day.
So, the 30th day should be 29th while the 31st should be 30th.
And today is the 31st day of my practicum.

As usual, I felt down since yesterday.
This morning, again, I was so lazy to wake up.
I totally fail to motivate myself in my practicum.

Before Chinese New Year, I was told to follow up a task from my colleague.
She will be on leave for these few days, so I will be following up her job.
It's simple, but I faced some trouble again.
I couldn't settle yet. I hope tomorrow will be settled.
I am also worrying of my current task. It seems quite hard.
There are somethings which I never faced yet.
It seems like there are new thing incurred for every task assigned.
This is the toughest challenge in my practicum.

Good news for today, I found that there is a holiday next Tuesday!
So, the total of date for my practicum reduced by one day.
Therefore, the total of date will be 125 days,
and today is 31st day, means that 96 days or 75.4% to go.

I hope time moves faster now.

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