Thursday, 10 February 2011

Practicum Day 33

As usual, I feel lazy to go work today.
My family and I departed earlier today.
We went for breakfast before going to work.

This morning, I started thinking whether did I make the wrong decision.
Few colleague are going to on leave tomorrow due to praying for tonight.
I didn't want to on leave because I need to replace for that leave, and my practicum is going to end one day later.
But today, because of laziness, I felt that I should apply for leave as well.

Today, one colleague asked me a question,
among accounting, auditing and taxation, which one I prefer?

At the first moment, I wanted to say 'neither, I prefer investment.'
But after thinking, I actually do love three of them.
So, guess what answer I gave?




Well, here is the answer I gave,

'I love all, but don't like work.'

Is that a good answer? I guess so.

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