Monday, 28 February 2011

Accident Around UUM

A very sad thing happened around UUM.
A Proton Waja and a Kancil crashed together near EDC, UUM.
Two were found dead in the accident while another one injured.
All of them are UUM students who stay in Muamalat Student Residential Hall.
They are all 23 and studying hospitality management.

It's so pity that two of them couldn't survive.
They are 23 years old only but already left the world.
I believe their parents are crying now.

R.I.P: Teh Shiew Cien and Lim Hsiao Pei.

Lim Seow Ching, the fortunate ones, survive from that accident.
Although she survives, she is going to have a tough moment I think.
Her friend died beside her.
In fact, she is having her practicum training in EDC, and her friend was fetching her there. See! Practicum is the cause!
In the following days, perhaps she will be thinking that the accident will not happen if her friend didn't fetch her there.
She is going to suffer mentally.
I hope she will get well soon, physically and mentally.

Whatever happened, has already happened.
We can't change anything. That's life.

I know none of the victims, but I feel sympathy of them.
When I was searching who they are, my mood turned down.
If I describe my mood as weather, then it will be cloudy day.
They are 23 years old only, you know.
Why should their life be taken away?
Why their life ends in this way?
They are very unfortunate.
I hope this kind of tragedy will not happen again in UUM.


  1. oppps. may them rest in peace.

  2. hey, IF we always assume that IF we don't have this, won't do that, will get rid from anything like accident, then won't got so many accidents happen. Just have to say, drive carefully, of course, even we drive carefully, someone will knock our car too...

  3. UUM should provide transport for those hospitality students...last time,my friends walked there to do their practicum.....due to no one complaint thats y UUM din take any action.....

  4. 我们这大学是没事发生就不管,有事发生就努力的把事情封盖。

  5. Sad news indeed. My thoughts and prayers go out to their families and loved ones.