Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Practicum Day 40

Yesterday, my colleague was off for taking STPM result. He got 4 flat. Cool, congratulation to him.
Today, he came back for work but he is going to off again tomorrow. He is attending a talk regarding university application tomorrow.

Another thing happened today is that,
the lecturer of two of my colleagues, who are having internship too, came to our office to visit them.
That time, the boss wasn't in. So, the lecturer approach our senior.
It makes me wonder what will happen when my supervisor visits me.
If my supervisor approaches our boss, I believe I will be given bad comments.
Criticizing people is one of the hobbies of my boss.

I didn't sleep well last night, I dreamed about my work.
The possibility for me to dream about my work during weekdays is quite high.
Perhaps, it's about 80%. And I consider that as nightmare.

I couldn't solve today problems. I decided to bring some work back to home and try to solve it.
But many obstacles block me.
Firstly, I missed out few pages and I couldn't complete it.
Secondly, the time is limited.
Worse, after I complete a part that I could, and I was about to print it, I couldn't find the cable at first.
After I found, the printer fail to function. Please, stop playing me.

I do really try to cheer myself up, I really did!
But the continually problems keep dragging my mood down.

Again, counting down, 85 days remaining.


  1. After you share your misery, half your problem is gone kan? I'm sure you will value this experience later in life, may be chuckle at it, it's not a complete waste of time. Chin up and finish the job well.

  2. Yea, I feel better after I share it out. Thanks.