Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

February 14, I guess most of the people know what day today is

Yea, it's Valentine's Day.

And this year is the first Valentine's Day of my lovely girl friend and I.
Unfortunately, I had to work today and she had classes in UUM.
We can't celebrate our first Valentine's Day today.

But, I still delivered something to her. It was successfully delivered to her during her dinner.

Here is what I delivered to her.

Thanks to some people who have been helping me to deliver this to her. Thanks you guys very much!

Well, there is another special thing in this heart shared RM10.

Here is it.

0214, February 14.

After she went back home, another dedication from me delivered to her.

My lovely Lipei,

I couldn't be with you during this Valentine's Day, sorry for it. I hope we can celebrate it next year. I hope you like all the things I deliver for you.

I love you, may we be together forever.

I wish also all my friends and visitors who are in relationship have a nice Valentine's Day.
May you and her/him can be happy forever!


  1. 情人节快乐

    y not RM100? :P

  2. ooh lala, so sweet lah! :D thank you, happy belated v' day too! :D enjoy! and btw, accepted you as friend in fb. ;)

  3. wah...sweet lolx..
    why not RM1000....^^

  4. Doris, thanks.
    Applefish & kttheng, heart should be in red colour, isn't it? Haha.

  5. Happy belated valentine.. a nice gift for ur girlfriend :)