Friday, 11 February 2011

Practicum Day 34

It's Friday again! It's holiday again tomorrow! Yeah!
It's so nice when thinking that I have a break tomorrow!
I could have a rest tomorrow, get out from stress temporarily.

4 colleagues on my floor were on leave today.
It made the office seems to be so blank and quite.

During lunch hour, my friend was having lunch with her colleagues.
At the same time, 2 colleagues that I sometimes have lunch together, were on leave.
So, I had to have my lunch alone today.
I finished my lunch in 10 minutes, and got back to office.

Then, I had some chat with my colleague.
Don't know how, we talked about my plan after my practicum.
Then I told them that I am not going for any job for 6 months after my practicum,
I am going to be full time investor and blogger.
Then, they asked me about investment and blogger stuffs.
Suddenly, my mood got much better.
I was much cheerful.

So, what can be proved over here?

I love investment and blogging life!

Secondly, I seriously don't like my practicum life.

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