Sunday, 20 February 2011

How Much Do You Need In Your Life?

Standard Charted has recently did a survey with with collaboration with Scorpio Partnership.
The survey was asking on whether how much a person need in his/her life.
The survey was done on 1792 rich people in 10 country including Malaysia.

Do you know what's the result for Malaysia?

The result is 3.3 millions US Dollar (approximately RM10,02 millions).
Assuming one person can live for 75 years, so he needs approximately RM133.6 thousands a year or RM11.1 thousands a month.

Do you earn enough for that?

Result for other countries:

Korea: USD 5.1 millions (approximately RM15.48 millions)
India: USD 4.3 millions (approximately RM13.05 millions)
UAE: 3.9 millions (approximately RM11.84 millions)
China: 3.7 millions (approximately RM11.23 millions)
Hong Kong: 3.5 millions (approximately RM10.62 millions)
Taiwan: 3.5 milllions (approximately RM10.62 millions)
Thailand 3.2 millions (approximately RM9.71 millions)
Singapore: 3.2 millions (approximately RM9.71 millions)
Indonesia: 3 millions (approximately RM9.11 millions)


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