Thursday, 24 February 2011

Practicum Day 42

Today is a better day perhaps?

After my boss reviewed my job, he talked to me for a while.
He commented that my job is okay, he will see on whether how much will I improve late on.
As I always say in my blog, my boss is used to scolding people. His requirement is very high.
So, I am quite satisfied on myself today, since I was given comment that my job is okay.

I felt good at that moment, and it increased my motivation level.
One millionaire told my friend before,
there are types of people.
Some people will be motivated when there is stress, but some happen to be the other way around.
I am definitely the second time.

When positive scenario is approaching me, I will be better.
Perhaps, if you don't give me deadline, I will complete the task faster.
And if you give me a deadline, I will only complete on the last moment.

If my boss behave like that everyday, perhaps I will stay in audit field.
But everything is too late, I have decided not to. I know where I should be heading to now.

Tomorrow will be the final day for one colleague of mine.
She decided to leave the firm and continue her internship at the other firm.
All the best to her in new firm.

Besides her, my boss phoned up the mother of another colleague.
They were in some sort like argue on the phone.
And my boss wanted to terminate her as well.
Will she be terminated? We will only know in coming days.

I am waiting for tomorrow, it's Friday again!
Even happier, I will be going out for statutory audit tomorrow.
I guess it will be taking up half day.
So, I guess the time will pass very fast.

Have a nice day tomorrow!

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