Thursday, 17 February 2011

Practicum Day 37

It's 37th day.
I was assigned a new company to audit.
Although it's the first day I audit on that company, I have started feeling the problems are approaching me.
I have really tired to face the problems.
During my lunch break today, my friend told me that I looked tired.
Yea, I am totally mentally tired.
Many people are trying to cheer me up, trying to motivate me.
Sometimes, I wish to tell them,
'just stop it, there is no use at all, better spend your time to do your things.'

Let's stop talking about me for now.
Today, one colleague who is in internship took leave.
Guess what happened.
Our boss phoned her university and telling that he wants to sack her.
Oh no, that's bad to her.
She have come the the mid of her internship, and now she is in the border of getting sacked by boss.
What a pity case, right?