Friday, 18 February 2011

Man Lives With Knife In His Head

If a knife was stabbed into one's head, what will happen? The person will probably die, right?
However, there is one man survives for four years!

I am not joking, FOUR YEARS!

A Chinese was stabbed by a knife into his head during a robbery 4 years ago.
After that, he suffered various types of pain.
He went to hospital for several times, but none found the real cause behind the symptoms.
Now, he finally discovered in a hospital in Yuxi, China.

After the operation, he is now recovering in hospital.

Amazing, isn't him?

Read more about the news, click here.


  1. Wahhh !! That's sound so scary !! It must be very pain for the man... Hope he is fine now. =)

  2. oh my. :O oh and btw, dropped by, have a nice weekend! :)