Sunday, 13 February 2011

A Man Changed Sex To Woman, And Marries A Woman

Kerry Whybrow, 66, a former fireman in Britian, changed his sex to become a woman.
But what happened then is that, he or she...
Should I say he or her? I am not sure too, let's say 'he or she'.
He or she then marries a woman.

Sounds weird, isn't it?

He or she changed to become a woman and then marries a woman.

So, is he or she a woman or a man?

Some people say that the world is getting weird nowadays,
but some people call it as interesting.

Whatever is it, that's the world.

For further reading about 'him or her', check it out here:
1. Yahoo News- Sex-swap ex-fireman weds Jamaican lesbian 30-yrs his junior
2. BBC- Kerry Whybrow: My journey into womanhood

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