Monday, 14 February 2011

Practicum Day 35

Another day passed, 90 days to go.
Today is Valentine's Day, but I could celebrate it,
I have to go work while my lovely girlfriend is in UUM.
Why not Valentine's Day falls on yesterday, then I can celebrate it.
It's the first Valentine's Day to my girlfriend and I, but we couldn't celebrate it. Sad.

As usual, I don't have mood to go work.
I slept late yesterday. I was waiting the time to pass 12 a.m. so that I could wish my girlfriend Happy Valentine's Day at 12 o'clock sharp.
This morning, I got off from my bed at 7 something. It's quite late.
So I departed from my home later today, over 8 o'clock, but I wasn't late for my work.

I thought I could finish the company I am handling today. Unfortunately, there are still pending items.
While waiting for the pending items, I got nothing to do.
I informed my boss, and I was assigned by 2 other tasks.
One task was simple, just finalizing the account of a small company.
Another ones, I couldn't say anything yet.
What I know, it was a complicated job.
And I have to qualify it in auditors' report for sure.
So, I couldn't imagine what problems are waiting for me.
What I can say is, GOOD LUCK to myself.